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Will Johnstone



Appearing Saturday 3pm in the Performance Area

Long term solo project of multi-instrumentalist musician, artist, photographer, videographer, creative writer, music journalist, promoter and live events coordinator - 'The Promosapien' One-Man-Music-Industry - Will Johnstone. Since August 1999 The Corvus Experiment's music has ventured out in many genres and expressive directions with guitar music it's core drive, and although there were plenty years before 1999 when Will was creating music, actually since 1991, he did not officially begin his solo project until purchasing his first multi-track recorder while at college. On Tuesday 25th June 2013 for the first time since it's conception as a solo project in 1999, The Corvus Experiment became a full band featuring Shakes on Drums and Deano on Bass originally from Rook [a previous band which all 3 had kept going on and off between 2008 and 2012 with various alternating members including Ally Skivington on Drums - Ally is another multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar and vocals in Unpeople & Kazoo Funk Orchestra]. On 2nd August 2013 Rook had reformed as a 3 piece conceptual grunge band under the banner of The Corvus Experiment and headlined Revolution Reloaded as their first ever live performance together. Since then unfortunately they have disbanded due to extenuating circumstances (namely being too skint to practice) but it is always possible that a new chapter will be written. Will's solo music is available quite literally everywhere thanks to MCU Records who released his 18-track triple-disc debut-album 'Transcendence' as The Corvus Experiment - 7th November 2012. If you Google: The Corvus Experiment - you can find all sorts of freebies, music, videos, ebooks, gigs and more! Please get in touch if you are looking to work with Will on a new project, start a band, have him fill in on guitar, bass, drums or vocals, keys, mandolin, banjo, harmonica or anything else, feel free to test him as he is famed locally for being able to play literally any instrument instantly without any instruction! He is available to hire as a solo acoustic act with a powerful performance and hours of songs in his repertoire from Eric Clapton Unplugged 'Tears In Heaven' to Smashing Pumpkins ' Disarm' to Dick Dale & The Del Tones ' Misirlou' (Pulp Fiction Theme Tune) plus a massive array of incredible self penned modern classics ranging from classically influenced fingerstyle to air tap to folk punk. Like a chameleon he adapts well and fits in literally anywhere, even proving that he could play an acoustic set between a grindcore band and a loud as hell punk band and still get a great reception! He is not however interested in pop music, so ram it right up yer blow hole if you want him to play Brittany Spears shecht. He isn't interested.

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