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Vegan Festivals Guide 2017


The much anticipated and brand new guide book for all UK vegan festivals in 2017 is now available to view at the link here:



This guide showcases all the amazing vegan festivals all across the UK and highlights therefore the outstanding work of numerous talented, passionate, determined, driven, lovely and indefatigable vegan events organisers who are working their socks off in creating a vegan world through their own vegan events. This guide book is invaluable for any business, non-profit organisation, speaker or performer looking for vegan festivals to participate at, or the rapidly growing amount of people in the UK who are interested in veganism right now.



This guide consists of all essential information on all UK vegan festivals - from dates, venues, ticket info, contact details, links, to unique features and some awesome pictures. On top of that, we also introduce everyone to a number of fantastic 30 day vegan pledges run by the UK’s largest vegan outreach organisations for anyone looking to go vegan for a sustained period - these provide everyone with a wealth of useful information on staying vegan, and complement the cornucopia of vegan festivals fantastically well.


Please make sure to share the link above widely with all your friends, families, colleagues, or anyone you know who are interested in learning about veganism through a vegan event, and they will thank you to bits!



Please note that whilst we’ve done our best to ensure details are accurate, always check in case of cancellations and changes to dates, times and venues. We cannot be responsible for any inaccuracies in this guide.


If you know of any other vegan events coming up that are not in this guide yet, you’re welcome to submit them to us at and we will include them on our vegan events website and blog about them on The Vegfest Express online vegan magazine roughly a month before these events take place.



Many thanks to all the heroic events organisers for putting on such exciting events for us, and supplying us with the information we need to put together this inaugural guide book. Kudos also to the cornucopia of businesses, non-profit organisations, caterers, speakers, performers and volunteers for participating in these events and making them such shining lights for the whole vegan community. The efforts of you all cannot be underestimated and here we take this opportunity to thank you all for contributing to the rapid growth in veganism in the UK over the past two decades.


Special thanks too to Koko Dairy Free, Bute Island Foods and Yaoh for supporting UK vegan festivals for a number of years and staying loyal to backing the vegan cause ever since.


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