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Bute Island Foods


Juice Garden

Koko Dairy Free

Quality Vitamins & Herbs

The Flying Duck

The Greedy Rabbit

The Scottish Animal Behaviour & Rescue Centre

The Underheugh Ark Rescue


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Bute Island Foods

Bute Island Foods are really excited to be attending the 2nd Vegfest Scotland with their fantastic and ever-expanding range of 100% dairy-free vegan products. A lot of people by now will already have been enjoying the 3 latest "Gary" flavours in block form; the very popular Cheddar with Caramelised Red Onion, the salad cheese alternative Greek Style, plus the fruity Wensleydale style with Cranberries. If you haven't though, do make sure to pop over to the Bute Island stand and try some samples! There are also 3 new grated Sheese styles; Mild and Mature Cheddar styles plus the creamy white Mozzarella style. All are perfect for delicious pizzas, pasta dishes plus a whole host of other tasty meals, so make sure to come over and check out their lovely new Garys!

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Butcherless brings to you a brand new gourmet experience, with fresh Mheats, Cheezes and Egs by fast growing vegan startup Sgaia Foods. Expect steak sandwiches with caramelised onions and balsamic glaze, bacon and poached eg breakfast muffins, but authentically reinvented in vegan terms. Mheat: not fake, simply plant based.

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Being a Glasgow company, Juice Garden are delighted to be representing and taking part in Vegfest Scotland 2016.

This year at Vegfest we will be serving up hot meals that will be on our winter menu in our flagship store on byres road. We will also be offering our signature cold-pressed juices, exclusive Vegfest cleanse discount packages and our famous raw desserts.

Juice Garden will be offering up to 33% percent of our new winter menu only at Vegfest Scotland."

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Koko Dairy Free is one of the best vegan milk alternatives on the market. An exquisite blend of coconut making this a very tasty drink it its own right, with considerable health properties too, such is the nature of pure coconut. The milk can be used on cereal and as a drink and in a variety of recipes that call for milk, and of course brings a distinct flavour to any recipe.

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Located in Glasgow City Centre, with what we consider to be the best vegan, organic and gluten-free food selection in the area - chilled goods, store cupboard essentials, superfoods, raw foods, snacks, lots of cheese...and chocolates! Plus a wide range of natural remedies, skincare, sports nutrition and cleaning products.

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Known for their magical meat free burgers, The Flying Duck will be serving up their famous staples burger van style. Burgers, hot dogs, cheese, bacon, fried onions. Ramen is the tasty gluten free option. Williams Bros beer on tap and Fritz Kolas in the fridge.
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The Greedy Rabbit. The very best in 'Rabbit Food' we strive to provide a service where herbivores & omnivores alike can indulge in our incredible International gourmet street food. We are all sometimes guilty of craving for something a little bit naughty & we dutifully fulfil that need. Winners of the 2016 Vegfest best caterer Award!

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The Scottish Animal Behaviour & Rescue Centre (SABRC) is an animal sanctuary and education centre near Dundee, run by vegans. Visit our stall to: find out more about our work on animal care & behaviour, buy dog collars/leads, sponsor an animal, and much much more!

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We are a small, foster based rescue and we place animals all over the West of Scotland. We offer rescue space for stray dogs from the pounds who are at risk of being put to sleep. We rescue cats,any small animals and birds too as well as ex commercial hens,ducks,geese and turkeys. We are a registered charity and are run on a purely volunteer basis with our donations and funds being used solely to help animals. Could you adopt...could you foster...could you fundraise....if your answer to any of these is yes please get in touch with us.

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Tropic offers skincare, body care and make-up that use the richest most nutritious, natural ingredients and are effective on all skin types. Our products are free from parabens, toxic chemicals and harmful synthetic fragrances and are never tested on animals.

For more details contact Karen Boyd 07864 868384, email

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Vegan Deviant is an ethical and fair trade 100% business. We sell an ever increasing range of products and designs, all vegan, all awesome! T-shirts are our main products and they all feature vegan themed designs which have been created to get people thinking and as a way to start relaxed and easy conversations about veganism

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Upbeat, trend aware Vegan apparel and accessories that are ethically mindful, responsibly sourced and beautifully made. Born from our love for animals, a want to positively promote veganism & do our bit for our planet while looking good as we do so. A contemporary collection that looks and feels great. Winner of the Vegfest award for best clothing 2016

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The UK's original hemp firm, with selection of hemp foods and bodycare available on their stall, all at a fantastic Buy One Get One Free special offer for the day. Products include dehulled hemp seed, hemp oil and their award winning hemp bodycare range - see for details.

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