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Friends of Vegfest – please support our lovely pal Pig Freud on his brave attempt to raise money for regional volunteer vegan outreach groups

All our press releases / blogs are now published on the Vegfest Express global vegan news website:

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A selection of pictures from Vegfest Scotland 2015 is here



Nov 1st - Pink fluffy pig Pig Freud Launches Vegan ‘Justice for All’ campaign with large vegan billboards in Glasgow on World Vegan Day -



Oct 29th - Acoustic band State Schools to perform live at Vegfest Scotland 2016 -

Oct 29th - The Earthlings Experience Scotland to share their vegan outreach experience at Vegfest Scotland -

Oct 29th - Mature Zone at Vegfest Scotland to offer vegan refreshments and talks on veganism for the mature -

Oct 29th - BOGOHP tickets for VEGFEST SCOTLAND nearly all gone now - visitors advised to buy advance tickets -

Oct 28th - LIVE STREAMING for Pig Freud gig at Mono Cafe Bar on World Vegan Day November 1st 2016 at 3pm on his Facebook page -

Oct 25th - Glasgow's Favourite Business Mono celebrates "Justice-for-all" message with vegan campaigner Pig Freud -

Oct 24th - Koko Dairy Free Yogurts Available in Tesco from 24th October 2016 -

Oct 10th - Experience the Wonders of Healthy Living and Veganism on Dec 3rd 4th at the SECC -

Oct 1st - Bute Island Foods' Greek style Sheese - a real winner -


September 2016

Sept 1st - Applications for speaking and performing at Vegfest Scotland 2016 welcome! -

Sept 1st - VEGFEST SCOTLAND 2016 Stalls update (Sept 1st 2016) -

Sept 1st - VEGFEST SCOTLAND 2016 advance tickets now on sale -



Aug 30th - Vegan superhero Pig Freud plants his 'Go Vegan' Justice posters outside KFC and McDonald's in the centre of Edinburgh -

Aug 9th - Tim Barford - Effective Vegan Strategy: "Unity" within the Animal Movement -

Aug 7th - “Go Vegan” posters spotted on phone boxes near Edinburgh International Fringe sites in the run up to Vegfest Scotland

Aug 1st - Huge celebration of the best of veganism in VegfestUK Awards 2016 -


July 2016

Jul 26th - Tim Barford from VegfestUK VLOGS on "deep" and "light" veganism -

Jul 26th - Pig Freud introduces VegfestUK Awards 2016


JUNE 2016

Jun 23rd - How to get full value from being a stallholder at VegfestUK


May 2016

May 26th - FREE TICKETS to Vegfest London / Scotland available in exchange for flyering

May 26th - Vegfest stalls in demand since Bristol event drew big crowds

May 10th - Website for Vegfest Scotland 2016 now live for bookings! Sponsorship and advertising packages available


March 2016

Mar 9th - POLL RESULTS: What's the best form of vegan activism?

Mar 9th - Please vote for BRISTOL VEGFEST in The Regional Awards, thanks!

Mar 4th - Welcome to Vegfest Scotland – vegan heaven on earth!


January 2016

Jan 29th - The Vegfest Express - January 2016 bulletin

Jan 25th - COMPILATION of videos from VegfestUK London 2015

Jan 21st - COMPILATION of talks recorded from Vegfest Scotland 2015

Jan 20th - VIDEO: TV presenter Anneka Svenska reviews first ever Vegfest Scotland

Jan 17th - POLL: Poster for vegan billboard campaign in Brighton

Jan 17th - Tim Barford from VegfestUK reviews ‘Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach’

Jan 17th - Vegfest Scotland 2015 VISITOR SURVEY RESULTS


Talks recorded from the event

Prof. Gary L. Francione FULL TALK and Q&A at Vegfest Scotland

FULL VIDEO of The Big Discussion: Should Vegans promote the REDUCETARIAN approach?

Gareth Zeal - optimising your immune system - talk at Vegfest Scotland 2015

Dr. Doug Graham speaks on "Many conditions with one common consideration" at Vegfest Scotland

Singer/songwriter Jack Dean performs new single "Do You See" live at Vegfest Scotland

Matt Ruscigno - How Vegan Athletes are Defying Stereotypes - FULL TALK at Vegfest Scotland 2015


December 2015

The Grumpy Old Vegans - Vegans should NOT promote reducetarian approach - full transcript from Vegfest Scotland

Dr Kim Stringer, Vegetarian for Life’s Director for Scotland, reports on the first ever Vegfest Scotland… 

Pig Freud tour - signed Everton FC shirt for auction...

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - COMPILATION

VegfestUK – 10 Contributions to the UK Vegan Movement in 2015, 10) Record-breaking attendances & constant innovations at Vegfest events

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 9) Giving the Abolitionist Approach a platform

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 8) We helped around 5,000 people go vegan in 2015, and we focus on vegan education

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 7) We organise, promote and present the prestigious VegfestUK Awards

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 6) We helped create and support the Pig Freud Tour, the Vegan Bodybuilders Tour and the Neil Robinson Tour

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 5) We host The Vegfest Express - the UK's only 24 hour breaking vegan news website

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 4) We give free stalls and support for a number of Grassroots volunteer led vegan organisations

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 3) Helping The Vegan Society, Viva! and Animal Aid

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 2) We get the most incredible media coverage for the vegan movement

VegfestUK - 10 Contributions to the UK vegan movement in 2015 - 1) Helping Grassroots Vegan Events


November 2015

Ask Vegans any Questions panel at Vegan Vision at Vegfest Scotland

Changes to Vegfest Scotland event programme since its release

Tim Barford on BBC Radio Scotland discussing veganism in a religious and moral context

Vegfest Scotland vegan chefs on STV’s ‘The Riverside Show’ for 3 nights running!

Tim Barford - The secret of change is to focus all your energies, not on fighting the old, but on building the new

Big Vegfest Scotland posters up in Glasgow!!!

Looking for flyering help for Vegfest Scotland during The Only Way is Ethics festival

Invite your friends to Vegfest Scotland Facebook event 

Advance tickets on BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE till Dec 3rd

POLL: Should vegans promote the REDUCETARIAN approach?

RESULTS from POLL on vegan athletes

Vegfest Scotland event programme now available to view online

Vegan Vision returns to Vegfest Scotland after successful debut at Olympia London

The Big Discussion: REDUCETARIAN - should vegans promote this approach?

Professionals Vegan Health Summit continues at Vegfest Scotland

Colosseum of Vegan Food Indulgences at Vegfest Scotland


October 2015

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED at Vegfest Scotland 2015 - apply now!

KIDS AREA at Vegfest Scotland FULL SCHEDULE - kids under 16 FREE

Thanks to JASON Natural Care for sponsoring all Vegfest shows in 2015

Some reflections on the UK vegan scene, following a weekend at the West Midlands Vegan Festival

Why Veganism is the ONLY choice if animals matter morally, and how best to promote veganism

Vegan Lass to speak on "How not to promote Veganism" at Vegfest Scotland

Friends of Vegfest – please support our lovely pal Pig Freud on his brave attempt to raise money for regional volunteer vegan outreach groups

The Mature Zone at #VegfestUKLondon2015 is a resounding success! Hundreds of visitors relax and get inspired 

Stalls for Vegfest in huge demand since 12,000 visitors descended upon Olympia London

Tim Barford: In Response to recent criticism of VegfestUK London

First Viva! Health Summit a Roaring Success

Thrilling VegfestUK London 2015 with around 12,000 visitors enjoying being vegan for the weekend

Aldo Zilli promises to 'GO VEGAN' for 90 days with Tim from VegfestUK


September 2015


Advance tickets for VEGFEST SCOTLAND now ON SALE! BOGOF offers running for limited period only!

Mature Zones for Seniors at Vegfest London & Scotland

Animal Aid sponsor the Pig Freud tour in support of Grassroots Vegan Outreach

Tim Barford (VegfestUK) – ‘’Being Vegan means a rejection of violence’’ on BBC Radio London Vanessa Feltz show This morning Sept 25th 10.00am

P.E.A. Awards have gone VEGAN!

VEGAN – more than just a diet, it’s a social justice movement

Glasgow-based GreenCity Wholefoods sponsors Vegfest Scotland

History of Veganism exhibition at #VegfestScotland2015

COOKERY DEMO opportunities available at #VegfestScotland2015

Smile and Say Sheese with Bute Island at Vegfest Scotland

Vegan Recreational Athlete & Dietitian Matt Ruscigno RD to speak at Vegfest Scotland

Vegan ultra-runner William Robertson to speak of his life-changing journey at Vegfest Scotland

Teaching our children the real meaning of being kind towards animals, humans and the planet

Shambhu's founder & head chef Nishma Shah to demonstrate vegan culinary treats at Vegfest London & Scotland


JULY 2015

Website for VegfestUK Brighton 2016 now live for bookings!

Duet of New Vegan Events in Scotland fuelling growth of vegan market further

Pig Floyd performs outside Grillstock Festival in Bristol in a peaceful vegan rock n roll protest

VegfestUK - price rises for Brighton and Bristol 2016

20-20 - a Normal Vegan Vision

Tim Barford - some changes at VegfestUK


JUNE 2015

Say hi to gifted cartoonist Vegan Sidekick at VegfestUK London

Kiss Farewell to Dairy with Koko Dairy Free at Vegfest London & Scotland

Tim Barford, manager of VegfestUK, elected as trustee of the Vegan Society

The Abolitionists Approach 16 page flyer is out now!

The Big Debate on "Single Issue Campaigns – Taking the Animal Rights Movement Forwards – or Backwards?"

Vegfest Vegan Activists Summits welcome Dr. Melanie Joy, author of "Why we Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows"

VEGFEST STALLS UPDATE: Over 140 stalls booked at London, half the floor plan sold at Scotland

Europe's prime vegan festival VegfestUK back at Brighton Centre on February 27th 28th 2016

VegfestUK welcomes Professor Gary L Francione to London in October for the inaugural Peoples Vegan Activist Summit

Vegan Cartoon Superhero Wonderpig to promote vegan education outside Grillstock

Over 700 people going vegan with another 2,400 moving towards veganism after VegfestUK Bristol 2015

Tim Barford: Why the "Close Down the Slaughterhouses" demos are a good thing

VegfestUK founder Tim Barford to speak at the Close Down The Slaughterhouses Demo Piccadilly Circus London June 13th

Vegfest Scotland welcomes applications for stalls and speaking/performing slots


MAY 2015

Summary of Vegan Activists Workshops at VegfestUK Bristol 2015 - setting the tone for VegfestUK vegan education

Wonderpig took centre stage at VegfestUK Bristol 2015

Glorious conclusion for VegfestUK Bristol with 14,000 visitors over Bank Holiday Weekend May 23rd 24th

Bargain of the century at VegfestUK Bristol this Bank Holiday Weekend

VegfestUK gives you the ABC's of Fun and Easy Vegan Lifestyles for Families ahead of huge Bristol event

The Little Green Angel at Brighton VegFestUK 2015

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED at VegfestUK Bristol May 23rd 24th @ Amphitheatre

Premier League Footballer Sergio Aguero joins the veggie athlete club

Vegan Culinary Delights galore at Cookery Demonstrations at VegfestUK Bristol

Welcome to the world of Tim Barford – organiser of Europe's largest vegan events and one of the UK's prime movers in the vegan circles

Vegfest Scotland 2015 now open for stall bookings!

Learn about Effective Vegan Activism at VegfestUK Bristol

Groundbreaking DJ’s to headline VegfestUK Bristol this year - Alfredo and LTJ Bukem in The Amphitheatre May 23rd 24th

VegfestUK founder Tim Barford in today's Herald Scotland, speaking up for the rights of animals


APRIL 2015

Australian Snooker player Neil Robertson is the latest to go vegan

VegfestUK 2015 Summer Tour of Vegan Festivals

VeggieVision Speed Dating at VegfestUK Brighton - Review

VegfestUK Bristol 2015 - Event Programme now available to view online

A Well-Fed World Global Food Sustainability Conference review

Party Political Conference review

Media frenzy for Vegfest Scotland since announcement of dates

Charity collections for A Well-Fed World Ethiopian School Lunch Programme at VegfestUK Bristol

FULL VegfestUK Brighton 2015 Visitors Survey Breakdown

Tim Barford from VegfestUK to stand for election as trustee of the Vegan Society

Winners of the New Product Showcase unveiled at VegfestUK Brighton

VegfestUK Bristol & London covered in OMG! Magazine

Vegfest Scotland welcomes small businesses

Shouldn't Livestock Farming be firmly on Bristol Green Capital 2015 agenda?

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