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Vegfest Scotland is organised by Tim Barford from Yaoh. Tim has been organising vegan events in the UK for a decade now, and his first show was back in 2003 (The Bristol Vegan Fayre, which he founded) attracting around 1,500 visitors. Tim organises VegfestUK Brighton in March, VegfestUK Bristol in May, and VegfestUK London in October, whilst running his hemp company Yaoh.

Tim & his team were honoured by the Vegan Society in their 2011 awards, where he has won the 'Best Vegan Achievement' award, for an outstanding contribution to veganism. In May 2013, Tim was awarded the highly prestigious Lloyds TSB People and Environment Achievement Business Awards, in the 'Work in the Community' category. See below for further details.

Tim is available for further comment and interview. Email


VegfestUK team

Events organised so far...

Tim awarded PEAB award

Tim awarded "Best Vegan Achievement" award in 2011


VegfestUK team

Tim is supported by a fantastic team of people including:

  • Fred, taking care of the accounts in the office
  • Chris, responsible for sales
  • Alan - taking care of our special guests and volunteers, as well as our social media, event programmes, marketing
  • Mike from Brighton Web Design Company Subzerostudio, our dedicated webman
  • Out Of Hand, taking care of all our print and design requirements ( )
  • Mad Promotions, our vegan pr team ( )
  • Yaoh hemp products for all round support ( )
  • Foods for Life for consultancy and advice ( )
  • DSG Security
  • Dime Events 
  • Muir Walker Medics
  • Our main sponsors over the years, including Fry's, Nakd Wholefoods, Bute Island, The Vegan Society, VBites Foods Ltd and many many more....
  • + big help from the UK's leading vegan campaigners including Viva!, Animal Aid, Sea Shepherd and many many more
  • + a wide network of individuals, groups, charities, businesses and people accross the UK and beyond, who all work together to help organise, promote and produce VegfestUK - some of Europe's biggest vegan events. Big thanks to all those helping out - appreciated

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Bristol-based organiser Tim Barford was recognised for his outstanding community work during the glittering PEA Business Awards ceremony in central London on May 7th 2013.

As founder and organiser of the wildly successful VegfestUK events, Tim Barford was recognised above his fellow nominees and awarded the Working in the Community honour. Sponsored by The Earth Foundation, this award recognises an individual or a team for outstanding community work within an environmentally conscious activity.

An elated Tim said of the award:

"VegfestUK was awarded first place in the Working in the Community category and I am thrilled to accept it as I lead our festival though its tenth year. Our shows have all been 100% vegan, showcasing the best of a plant-based lifestyle to an ever-curious public over the last decade.

I would like to send heartfelt thanks to our supporters, especially all the people who have believed in the validity of the vegan lifestyle as a genuine green option. I would like to dedicate the award to the memory of our vegan forerunners such as Donald Watson and Arthur Ling. I'm certain they would be delighted to know a vegan festival has won a major award in 2013!"

Tim continued:

"I would also like to express my gratitude to all those tireless campaigners working hard to spread the vegan message. I hope this award is inspirational to you in your efforts. Please keep up the amazing work you do for the people, the animals and the planet."

Founded by Jarvis Smith from the Phoenix Rose, the People and Environment Achievement Business Awards (PEABs) celebrate the many ways in which green initiatives can be good for business, as well as the planet. The awards showcase the excellence and innovation demonstrated by an individual or team within an organisation making genuine and effective contributions to the "greening" of UK businesses.

PEAB awards website here

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Tim Barford wins the Vegan Achievment Award 2011 for VegfestUK

VegfestUK Bristol & Brighton Organiser honoured in Awards Ceremony 

The organiser of the world’s biggest veggie events, held annually in Bristol and Brighton, has been honoured for his work by The Vegan Society in their recent awards ceremony. Tim Barford, founder of VegfestUK, won the ‘Best Vegan Achievement’ award in the 2011 ceremony for his outstanding work in creating what has become the biggest vegan events anywhere in the world. 

Thousands of visitors flocked to the two free VegfestUK events during 2011 and many more read about the shows in the media, and over 100 stalls exhibited at both events alongside a full programme of talks, cookery demos, workshops, films and presentations about a wide variety of aspects of the vegan lifestyle. 

Tim started his first vegan event back in 2003 and is already planning his events for 2012. ‘Interest in the vegan lifestyle is growing at quite a rate’ says Tim ‘and that is reflected in the growth of the shows. What started back in 2003 with 40 stallholders and 1500 visitors has grown to see over 16,000 visitors to Brighton and Bristol in 2011, with even more expected in 2012 as both show grow an extra day to cope with demand. It’s become a full time occupation and I am very honoured to be recognised by The Vegan Society for the contribution made towards helping people adopt a veggie/vegan lifestyle. It’s never been more important to encourage people to go down this route, what with the significant advantages a plant based diet has to health, animal welfare, global food production and the environment.’ 

Tim is quick to point out though that this achievement is not about just himself, but a whole team of supporters, sponsors, stallholders, volunteers and contractors. ‘The thing about VegfestUK is that it really is a team game’, says Tim. ‘It would be unthinkable to be able to achieve so much without the help of so many, and this award is really an award to be shared with hundreds if not thousands of others. It’s a fantastic feeling when people come together to achieve so much as a team, and to be at the helm of such a ship is a real honour in itself, and now an even bigger honour since the announcement of this award.’

Tim – who manages his own hemp company Yaoh ( – runs VegfestUK as a full time volunteer and doesn’t take a wage or expenses for his efforts, and his events for 2012 remain completely free to the public. VegfestUK Brighton is on March 17th and 18th 2012 and Bristol is on 25th – 27th May 2012 – for more information about these two events see the website  

To view the results on the Vegan Society website please visit

For more information about VegfestUK events or interviews with Tim, contact 0117 3079872 or email

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