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News //BOGOHP tickets for VEGFEST SCOTLAND nearly all gone now - visitors advised to buy advance tickets

Saturday 29th October 2016

It’s only just over a month before Vegfest arrives at the SECC in Glasgow, on December 3rd 4th 2016, and the BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE offers on advance tickets have nearly run out now...


If you wish to get entry to the event on the cheap alongside your friends, especially those interested in going vegan, don’t miss out on the remaining BOGOHP advance tickets at:


Advance tickets are priced at £6 for one day and £9 for the whole weekend, plus small booking and transaction fees. Taking into account the booking and transaction fees:


at full price:

a 1 day advance ticket costs £7.30

a weekend advance ticket costs £11.50


with the BOGOHP offer:

two 1 day advance ticket costs £11.50

two weekend advance ticket costs £16.50


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