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Martin Stepek

Martin Stepek

Vegan mindfulness teacher

Appearing on Sunday in the Light Veganism talks room



I was born in Cambuslang in 1959. A year later I moved to Hamilton where I grew up and returned to as an adult after six years of studies and four years working my way around the world.


I have spent almost thirty years working in or helping businesses but this is only one of my five main areas of interest. The others are writing, environmental issues, mental wellbeing, and my father's Polish heritage.


My main areas of interest in business are advising ethical businesses, such as Fair Trade and employee-owned businesses. I am cited as an authority in helping family-owned businesses.


As an author I enjoy writing and reading my poetry and telling stories from real life.


I have been a teacher of mindfulness for over a decade and deliver classes and talks internationally as well as locally. My free Hamilton weekly class is the most popular in Scotland.


I have produced two documentary films, one on my father's life, the other on the making of my award-winning poetry book, For There is Hope, in which I relate the deportation of my father and his family to a Soviet labour camp.

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