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Koko Dairy Free

big thanks to our sponsors KOKO DAIRY FREE

Koko Dairy Free is a delicious coconut-based alternative to cow's milk and soya milk.

Low in fat (only 2%) and rich in calcium, as well as being cholestorol free Koko Dairy Free is a fantastic healthy option for people of all dietary persuasions. Additionally, the coconut is not a nut but is actually a fruit, making Koko Dairy Free a nut free product and therefore suitable for people with nut allergies, which is amazing. 

At VegfestUK Bristol, you'll also have the opportunity to taste the new Strawberry ‘milk' flavoured with real strawberry juice, and available in 250ml packs.

Koko Cuisine Virgin Coconut Oil is made by centrifuge extraction from coconut flesh with no chemicals or additives. 

Coconut Oil is extremely heat tolerant in cooking and has unique nutritional properties which are making it increasingly popular. 

Can be used in cooking & baking or as a food supplement.

Koko Dairy Free Vegetable Spread is made with coconut oil, and is dairy & soya free. Coconuts are sustainable & delicious. 

Coconuts contain more Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) than any other food source. The 26% coconut oil in our 45% vegetable oil spread provides 7g of MCFAs per 100g.

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