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Dr. Agnes Electra Chlebinska


Founder and Director of The Transformers, Director of Happy Bootcamps

Appearing in the Light Veganism talks room on Saturday at 1pm


She is a Specialist in Preventive Medicine and Peak Performance Psychology and she is considered to be one of the best in her field. Having over twenty years of experience working with tens of thousands of patients and clients Dr Agnes Electra possesses the highest expertise in health, fitness, whole foods plant based nutrition, human psychology and behaviour.


Her astonishing commitment and perseverance to build and implement Preventive Medicine throughout medical schools and health services as an official medical speciality is extraordinary. She has an unconditional belief that changing lifestyle, employing peak performance psychology and altering ways of socializing can save more lives in all developed countries than any advanced medical technology or drugs. She is also living proof that by combining her forms of treatment and techniques, we can significantly slow down the aging process. "There is no limit! We just don't know yet what does it really mean for us humans… In the 21st century we will see a clear split in the medical profession between Preventive Medicine and Traditional Medicine. I see it as an evolution in the human race. Those who won't change and remain fully dependent on nothing else but drugs and medical procedures will become sick and disabled in many ways and they will shorten their life span dramatically. Those who do take responsibility for their own health will have a huge mental, emotional, physical advantage and their lifespan will be much longer." says Dr Agnes.


A Published author featured in magazines as well as on national and international TV, she is currently working together with world class experts and celebrities on a series of adults' and children's books, events and shows in which she will address all the urgent issues of health, nutrition, fitness, psychology, anti-aging, relationships and socializing etc. Dr Agnes Electra Chlebinska has acquired such a wide spectrum of knowledge and expertise through her medical profession where she has specialised in cardiology, inherited cardiac conditions and acute medicine as well as collaborating, being coached and guided by world leading experts.

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