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David Evans


Co-Founder of The Transformers Health and Fitness Social Club, Director of Happy Bootcamps Entrepreneur & Peak Performance Strategist

Appearing Saturday 1pm at the Light Veganism Talks Room


Born and raised in Wales, David graduated in Sport Conditioning and Coaching from the University of the West of England in 2003. Growing up in a Welsh family of athletes, it was destined that David became a professional rugby player. During his career he played across the world, representing many Welsh and European clubs. After retiring from rugby David became a champion kick boxer as well as champion in power lifting. With a body weight of 74kg he was able to bench press 210kg, Squat and Deadlift over 250kg.

As a professional athlete David quickly realised that champions aren’t born, they are made by following great peak performance strategies, determination, focus and hard work.

Self-development, in particular mental, emotional and physical peak performance strategies became David’s obsession. This obsession, his extraordinary talent and dedication puts him on the map among the best specialists in the UK. 

He is an expert in health, fitness and vegan nutrition as well as human behaviour strategies, breaking patterns and creating breakthroughs in health, personal and professional life. Over the past decade David has worked and helped thousands of people from over 50 different countries, from those struggling to get a job to CEOs and celebrities such as Julien MacDonald OBE, Ellie Goulding, Ben Ofoedu and many more.

“Everyone is amazing in something but to be able to show it to the world we have to condition our mind and body to think and act like a champion…this when impossible dreams becomes reality and living incredible life becomes habit”

By modelling the top one percent of the most successful people in the world, David was able to develop one of the most effective and successful Peak Performance Strategies.

What began as a young person’s desire to help people and himself has grown into David’s’ lifelong crusade, which not only helps others but also allows him to live the life he always wanted to live. Having extraordinary physical and mental health, an incredible relationship and the best possible family life, David is also expanding his portfolio as a business owner and investor.



David has appeared in many magazines and newspapers such as OK, Hello, NOW, Daily Star, Western Mail, Evening Post, Wales Online, Grazia and has also filmed for various TV channels National and International, such as BBC, ITV, Fashion One TV and NOW TV.






In 2012 David initiated together with Thomas Hamilton, what now has become the biggest free boot camp in all of UK. He and his team provides more than 10, 000 people with the opportunity of free exercising and socialising every Saturday and Sunday in London’s most beautiful parks together with some incredible people. This initiative is a part of a bigger plan, to establish in the UK Preventive Medicine as NHS and medical schools speciality. In the past three years the bootcamps not only became an exercising and socialising ground but also a place where individuals who needed help could come and be supported. Many people who have been in “dark places” feeling that there is no way out were sponsored by The Transformers and with the right coaching and being surrounded by a positive and  happy  environment they were able to turn their lives around and begin new and amazing lives. 



Our new initiative is to create “holidays with meaning”. Having an amazing holiday is everyone’s dream, but helping others while you are having an incredible time is priceless. 

Our adventure holidays in the Philippines became “the best holidays of my life” said our clients after we delivered a month of food supply to over a hundred hungry villagers in some of the poorest parts of Mindoro, a Philippine island.



Over the last 10 years David has used a variation of different methods when it comes to nutrition. During his career as a rugby player David similar to most of the British athletes listened to “experts” who advised him to consume large amounts of animal proteins in form of chicken, stakes, eggs and various dairy products. Despite the “experts” opinion David started recognising the adverse aspects of high animal products diet already in his early twenties. His quest for the truth and discovery of the healthiest and tastiest diet came after an injury which would not go away. Time, research, conferences and meetings with some of the best scientists in the world as well as experiencing the variations of diet, nutrients, whole foods, processed foods and so on led him eventually to the discovery of whole food plant base diet as the best for our health and one which can taste incredible. “I realise that thousands of years ago humans developed to be omnivores because this gave us the advantage to survive in times where food was difficult to get and store but eating animals in 21st century just isn't right anymore and it is definitely not the healthiest for us or our planet..”


Whole food plant based diet has changed my life completely. The health benefits are simply unbelievable; my body is stronger and fitter than ever (and so are my vegan muscles) the recovery is super-fast; the psychological benefits are incredible providing me with strength and stability I’ve never experienced before. My level of energy has improved hugely, and then there are hundreds of other health benefits such as low cholesterol, great blood pressure and many more. The advantages are simply endless. On top of the health benefits vegan diet tastes absolutely amazing, is much cheaper and it saves our planet from global warming, starvation, drinking water shortage and many more.





Julien Macdonald

Fashion Designer

I had just 5 weeks before Britain's next top model started shooting and I asked The Transformers for help to look my best. The Transformers provided me with a tailor made solution to my health and fitness.

David is simply a superstar. He is the most amazing personal trainer and lifestyle coach. Everything, including my meals, were made by the wonderful Agnes, so I didn't need to even think how to do it. I just needed to focus on the hard work.

I would wholeheartedly recommend The Transformers. They have a wide variety of programmes so there is something for everyone. You will be glad you did.


Jessica-Jane Clement

Actress & Glamour Model

The Transformers have been an incredible emotional and physical support for me over the last 6 months. David is not only fantastic to train with but also to talk to. For the first time, I feel in control of my career and personal life and I am regularly told that I am 'glowing!' I have spent years joining different gyms/fitness regimes/diets but The Transformers are everything and more all under one roof! The diversity in our workouts keep it interesting and fun, from boxing to belly dancing! I am waking up earlier and getting more done with my days than I have ever done before. I always leave my sessions with David feeling like the world is my oyster! I am recommending The Transformers to everyone and promise once you go to one session, you will be hooked for life!


Ben Ofoedu 

Singer & Celebrity

A friend told me about The Transformers before I came in to contact with them. But what he didn't tell me was within just over two months of meeting them I would drop three stones, give up my daily consumption of alcohol and have a much more positive and forward thinking outlook on my life.

It was the summer of 2012 and I had just turned 40. The sun was shining but I was not feeling good. I felt a bit sluggish. Over the years I had not paid attention to my body and had developed bad habits such as eating junk food and daily alcohol consumption, coupled with very little exercise.

The same friend and I went for a walk, and just by chance we bumped into one of the members of The Transformers group. We were introduced and we got chatting about life and health. I liked the views of The Transformers, their philosophies based on how everything is linked: a healthy mind and a healthy body ultimately lead to a healthy business. All three function together. If one of these elements is not at its best, eventually the other two will suffer.

I related it to my own life, first of all it was my body. I felt really unfit. The truth was I never quite felt one hundred percent. My alcohol habit had made it harder to get up in mornings and attend meetings, which in turn began to affect my business. Over time my opportunities started to dry up. This led to low self esteem and a huge lack of confidence which began to play games with my mind, making my mind a very unhealthy place to dwell.

I agreed to undergo The Transformers training program as recommended by their head of fitness, David. It consisted of two classes a week with 25+ like minded individuals and a some personal coaching on other days of the week. It was so simple. There were no rules and all he asked of me was two things to: 

1)Trust him and 

2) for me to be honest with him about my calorie consumption so that he could design specific exercises to combat any unwanted excess.

The more I applied myself to the program the healthier I felt and the more my mind began to clear and the more I began to understand that the discipline of exercise is what gets results and that you can apply this discipline to any area of your life. It wasn't long before I had built up such a trust in The Transformers. I'd turn up to sessions knowing they knew what they were doing so I could switch off and just enjoy the ride. Sometimes it was a little more painful than others, but I found the more exercises I did it the better I became at them.

Soon alcohol became a stumbling block in my new direction, I found it easier not to consume in the way I had before and replaced the feeling I got from drinking with the buzz of finishing a work out. If someone had told me a few weeks earlier that this would happen I would've thought they were joking and didn't know what they were talking about. Until you try it for yourself you'll never know! It's been an amazing journey which has seen me go from having unhealthy body, mind and business to having a healthy body, a clear mind a rising business. I'm three and a half stone lighter. Thanks to my healthy mind I have ceased opportunities which include hosting private shows and interviewing high profile celebrities every month in 2013. I'm also writing and starring in a theatre play and at the same time recording the soundtrack to go with it. My new band Cruise Control is on the rise and we are gaining a lot of critical acclaim at the moment. just what you need in order for a new band to be successful.

Coincidence? I don't think so.


Sean Holley

Professional Rugby Coach

I have known David Evans for over twelve years now. I was first his academic tutor and rugby coach when he was only 16. I witnessed his undoubted talent immediately and persuaded him to follow me in my next job onto Higher Education and at Premiership Rugby Academy level. Against the odds both physically and academically back then David's sheer determination, dedication and hard work led him to graduate in both education and rugby to an extremely high standard. I am delighted that he has continued to develop into a quality professional person and I am sure his personal drive and ability will now make him a big success on whatever he pursues. I look forward to working with him more in the future.

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