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Captain James Tea Cook

Captain James Tea Cook

Kids entertainer

Appearing in the Kids Area



Captain ‘High 5’ James Tea Cook, Ships’s  Cook & Rainbow Pirate of the Carob Bean

"The theme be getting yer kiddywinks to be eating more vegetables, at least 5 portions of veg  a day choosing one from each colour of the rainbow. So apart from the smoothie bike, the cookery workshops where we makes Rainbow sushi, pancakes, kebabs, snack balls, wraps and stacks and the kitchen science where we finds electricity in bananas, learns about emulsification and alkalinity we also has a few rainbow games. The games include Rainbow Ring Toss, 5 Veg in Bucket, Rainbow VeggieTin Can Alley and 5 a day Penalty Shoot out and a bit of Vegetable themed pirate dancing. There also be some crafts such as High 5 Rainbow Hands, Potato friends, and Pirate Hat making - if you are lucky some seed planting too" 

Captain James Tea Cook @JamesTeaCook


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