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Barbara Helen


Singer Songwriter.

Appearing Sunday 1pm in the Performance Area 

I write my songs from the heart and my songs reflect my emotions. When I evolved to living as a vegan I experienced a whole range of emotions, anger at the world around me that treated animals as "things", despair, by feeling empathy with animals bred for slaughter, depression, that so many animals were being used and abused. I was overwhelmed, I cried and my heart broke. One way of remaining sane, as a vegan in an insane world, is to channel those overwhelming emotions into positive action.
So, I write and perform my songs as I evolve and share my journey through my music.

"Us and them, the mentality of oppression, every living thing has worth, we are all life on Earth, we are Earthlings. " from my song, Earthlings. (Inspired by the documentary Earthlings.)

A few kind words shared about me:

"Time will stop still when you hear Barbara Helen sing. You will be instantly drawn to her beautiful voice. With the most stunning melodies and engaging words she will truly take your breath away." Victoria Bryceson. ( Vegfest Events Co'ordinator)

"I love Barbara's sweet approach to to music/life, she is what I consider a true artist. "
Todd C.Stone.( Events organiser N E Vegan Festival)

"Barbara has played at many of our North East Vegan Festivals at both the Stadium of Light and the Metro Radio Arena. She is always a popular artist and her songs delight everyone. A talented and beautiful sounding performer with both consistency and originality." Gareth Edwards. ( Co'founder of Farplace Animal Rescue and organiser of North East Vegan Festivals)

"Barbara Helen is a charming vocalist, an accomplished guitarist and an impressive songwriter... ." Danny Moore. R2

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