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We offer some very focused and cost effective advertising through our website, e-bulletin and event programme.

  • Website - estimated 100,000 visitors in the run up to the show. Options include advertising on every page. Website will stay live for a minimum of 3 years, probably longer, and will continue to attract at least 30 visits a day long after the show itself.

  • Event programme - we produce 20,000 copies of the 64-page B5 colour programme (5,000 printed and 15,000 online) that are distributed before and during the event. Deadline for artwork inclusion is the end of August 2015.

  • E-bulletin – our monthly e-bulletins are sent out to over 11,000 veggie-friendly subscribers, built up over the years from our shows and awards. All our past e-bulletins are available in the 'News' section of our website.

  • NEW Marketing package - includes extensive web adverts and a blog to be shared widely, plus advert and editorial in event programme - £1,000 + vat

Advertising packages

Web advert

Artwork in Programme

Stallholder Description on website and in programme

Inserts in our e-bulletins

NEW Marketing package


Other marketing options at Vegfest Scotland

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Advertising on website  -  £125 + vat

Your advert appears on every page of the event website for minimum of 3 years (4 flashing panels, size 125 x 125 pixels. Price includes cost of design)

For examples of this option, see the flashing panels on the left and right columns of our website.

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Advertise in the Event programme

(prices for finished artwork only; deadline for artwork inclusion is the end of July 2015)

1/4 pg   £140  + vat

1/2 pg   £255  + vat

1 pg      £450  + vat

Deadline for submission of artwork for inclusion in the programme is the end of August 2015.

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Stallholders description on website and in programme - £50 + vat

Enhance your presence at the event with a 50 word description and your logo and link added to the 'Stallholder Descriptions' page of our website and into the programme. (Please email 50 words, a hi-res logo and weblinks to

Deadline for submission of text and logo for inclusion in the programme is the end of August 2015.

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E-bulletin inserts (11,000+ recipients)

(80 words + link & logo)

1 inserts         £ 55 + vat

2 inserts         £ 95 + vat

6 inserts         £ 225 + vat

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  • A blog created specifically for you, which will appear under both 'UK News' tab and 'Our Blog' tab on the Vegfest Express (blog content approx. 200 – 300 words 6-8 images multiple links). Price includes design and publishing.

  • The blog will then be shared across our media channels and 4 Facebook and Twitter accounts at the start of the week, which include VegfestUK, Vegfest Scotland, Vegfest Express, and Wonderpig. 

  • The blog will be re-posted a week later and re-shared at the end of the week. You will share your blog through your own social media outlets.

  • Plus bonus 50 words, header and link to your blog will also be included in our monthly bulletin (sent to around 12,000 subscribers including over 1,000 trade contacts and over 1,000 media contacts).

  • Advert in sliding galleries on the home page of each of these 6 websites: VegfestUK Brighton, VegfestUK Bristol, VegfestUK London, Vegfest Scotland, VegfestUK (W682 x H298 in pixels) and the Vegfest Express (W661 x H370 in pixels)

  • 50 words newspiece to support the advert in which 10 words could be a headline and 10 words could be a subheader, while the main body of the newspiece consists of 30 words plus a weblink. And the title and the subheader appear on every page of these 5 websites - VegfestUK Brighton, VegfestUK Bristol, VegfestUK London, Vegfest Scotland and VegfestUK.

  • Leaderboard banner at the top right corner of the Vegfest Express (which appears on every page).

  • 1/2 page advert in the London event programme

  • 1/2 page editorial in the London event programme 



Other marketing options at VegfestUK Bristol

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