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viva! health summit (SATURDAY ONLY)

One of Europe's biggest vegan outreach groups Viva! to host a number of dynamic talks on various aspects of vegan nutrition & health

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11:30 - Veronika PowellDefeating Diabetes through Diet

12:30 - Jane Easton & Justin KerswellVegan Health Hacks

1:30 - Veronika Powell - The Safety of Soya

2:30 - Veronika Powell Why You Don't Need Dairy

3:15 - Jane Easton & Justin Kerswell - 30 Day Vegan

4:15 - Veronika Powell Break Free




11:30 - Veronika Powell - Defeating Diabetes through Diet

Diet is a key player when it comes to diabetes. A vegan diet can not ony help prevent type 2 diabetes, it can also significantly improve the health of diabetics, reducing and even eliminating eliminate the need for medication and reducing reduce the risk of health complications. It can also help type 1 diabetics manage the condition better and prevent numerous health issues. This talk explains the three rules the D-Diet is based on and how to make them work for you.

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12:30 - Jane Easton & Justin Kerswell - Vegan Health Hacks

Whether you're thinking about becoming a vegan or you've been one for a while and need to update your know-how, this workshop is for you. Answers to tricky questions, science bites and practical tips - it's all there! We've done all the hard work so you don't have to! The talk will show you how to make the most of your vegan lifestyle and have fun with it. There will also be time for Q&As and a discussion.

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1:30 - Veronika Powell - The Safety of Soya

Is soya a superfood or health risk? It's hard to decide what to believe - some praise it as a super-bean, others warn against it. Find out what the latest scientific research says and whether there's any truth to the tabloid claims!

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2:30 - Veronika Powell - Why You Don't Need Dairy

Veronika’s  compelling talk asks: is it natural to consume milk after weaning?

Indeed is it natural to consume cow's (or goat's) milk at all? What is the life of a dairy cow and how does this link to our health? Why has dairy been linked to cancers? How do growth hormones and oestrogen in milk affect us?

What are the dangers of milk protein and saturated fats? Do we - and especially our children - need calcium from dairy? If not, where should we obtain it and how do we ensure we have strong bones?

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3:15 - Jane Easton & Justin Kerswell - 30 Day Vegan

Top tips from the experts on going vegan and why it is healthy and nutritious. Jane and Justin also show you how to access this FREE resource and answer your questions! 

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4:15 - Veronika Powell - Break Free

Despite the dairy industry's advertising efforts, an overwhelming amount of scientific research shows that dairy products are not beneficial for bones in the long term and calcium supplements won't prevent osteoporosis.

However, diet and lifestyle are the two critical factors in the development and maintenance of strong bones and this talk will show you what really matters when it comes to bone health and that you don't need dairy products at all.

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