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Veronika Powell

Veronika Powell

Biologist, Teacher, Health Campaigner at Viva!

Appearing on Saturday at 11.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm and again at 4.30pm in the Viva! Health Summit Section and also on Sunday in the Nutrition / Health Talks Room (Time Slot TBC)

Veronika is a health campaigner at Viva!, specialising in the links between diet, health and disease. Veronika is a biologist and a qualified teacher; she has worked on a number of campaigns but the last few years focused mostly on vegan nutrition and health. She is the author of reports such as The Big D: Defeating Diabetes through Diet and guides such as Building Bones for Life. She has written many features about how plant-based diets can be used for the prevention or treatment of many diseases and keeps Viva!Health up to date with the latest research on all diet related topics.

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