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Vegan Lass

Vegan Lass

Writer, Recipe Developer

Appearing on Saturday in the Campaigns / Lifestyle Talks Room.

Emily Wilkinson (MA, MSc) - AKA Vegan Lass - is a Glasgow-based writer and recipe developer. Part-activist, part-chef, she is known both for her hearty vegan recipes and for her outspoken and intersectionally-minded abolitionist advocacy. Now a PhD candidate, Emily is furthering research into the sociology of veganism and its cultural manifestations. Her work has been featured by numerous organisations and publications, including The Vegan Society, Vegan Life Magazine, T.O.F.U. Magazine, Peaceful Dumpling, and The Abolitionist Vegan Society.

You can follow Vegan Lass on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and check out her latest recipes over on For press and professional enquiries email emily [at]

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