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About Vegfest Scotland

Scotland is set to embrace a whole new world of healthy eating in 2015 with Europe's prime vegan festival Vegfest arriving at SECC, Glasgow, on December 5th 6th.


The 2 day vegan food fest is part of a brand-new Glasgow-based venture The Only Way is Ethics comprising an eight day festival exploring, promoting and celebrating ethical choices affecting all aspects of living. This joint venture is a result of months of planning and we are thrilled to be able to announce an event of this scale.


We're beyond elated to be given the opportunity to bring our vegan festival and hence the benefits of healthy eating and vegan lifestyles to Glasgow this year. We're also privileged to be invited to organise a show at a venue as prestigious and high-profile as the SECC, and we're very excited at the prospect of making this show a huge success.


Vegfest Scotland is all about GOING VEGAN. It’s not about eating less meat, or choosing eggs over fish, or anything like that. It’s about going vegan, pure and simple. Go Vegan. For the animals, for the planet, for your health, and for sustainable global food production. And it’s so easy. Vegfest Scotland will demonstrate just how easy it is to go vegan and stay vegan.


The inaugural Vegfest Scotland includes a number of exciting features to get healthy eating and vegan activism high on the agenda for many. They include:


- a Health Summit on the Saturday,

- an Activists Summit on the Sunday,

- dozens of talks on Nutrition, Health, Lifestyle and Campaigns,

- 15 specialist caterers,

- around 140 stalls,

- vegan information display areas,

- vegan cookery demos,

- a Living Raw Zone dedicated to raw living foods,

- a History of Veganism Exhibition

- kids cookery classes,

- live performances,

- a Mature Zone for mature vegans/veggies,

- a Teen VGN Zone for teenage vegans/veggies,

and more!


Expect about 10,000 visitors at the first ever Vegfest Scotland!

Full admission details for Vegfest Scotland are here


The Only Way is Ethics sees a number of events around Glasgow City Centre flourish in the week preceding Vegfest, and already there's been a lot of interest from different businesses, organisations, charities, and departments looking to get involved. 


Disclaimer: The Only Way is Ethics is an independent event from Vegfest Scotland.






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