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Susan Laing

Susan Laing

Author, public figure in Health & Wellbeing

Speaking in the Nutrition & Health Talks Room (Time slot TBC)

Susan Laing trained as a Podiatrist many years ago and through her own poor, chronic health came to study and practise Multidimensional Iridology, Nutritional Healing and Naturopathy. It was when she discovered the teachings of Dr David Jubb's cell rejuvenation with LifeFood and liver cleansing that she came to realise the powerful impact of food is mood, and how effective liver cleansing is on the whole body and mind. 

Susan is the author of Love Your Liver Feel ALIVER. She also gives public talks worldwide with the intention of inspiring others on their journey on health and wellbeing, and most of all with power of healing with nature. She also has a practice in the heart of Leeds city centre, UK. For more information on Iridology, Naturopathy, LifeFood, Liver cleansing, consultations, Detox retreats, Shamanism, 100% natural health products and more, please see

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