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Rosie Purdye

Rosie Purdye

Raw Vegan Chef, Owner of Raw Food Rosies

Appearing on Sunday 12pm in the Living Raw Zone

I’m a 31 year-old single mother of two beautiful children, a psychology graduate, raw & vegan chef and owner of Raw food Rosie’s where we make nutritious and rawsome snacks. I’m also co-founder of Vegan Recipes website and blog; where we share delicious vegan recipes and review vegan friendly brands and companies.

In my early 20’s I had a very unhealthy lifestyle; I worked as a dancer in a nightclub, I didn’t sleep well, didn’t have a lot of energy and suffered from terrible anxiety and depression. About 23 years old I totally changed my life around and now I run my own health food business and am a happy and balanced person. As a result of my experiences I’m really interested in the mind-body food connection and love how raw food can promote restful sleep, give you energy and help foster a better relationship between food and your body. I believe what we eat can change how we feel and the way we live our lives; and is an important part of the wheel of health; in which nourishment, exercise, meditation, rest and mental well being all play a part.

My company makes raw vegan superfood snacks; we’ve recently just launched our first product in the UK with a range of pizza flavored kale crisp snacks.


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