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Manuela Atzori

Manuela Atzori

Vegan Speaker & Chef

Appearing in the Living Raw Zone (Time slot tbc)

I'm from Sardinia from a fishermen village, the last of three children. All my family eats meat but they respect my choice.  I'm living in the UK for 16 yrs now.  I used to live in London where I spent 8 years, then I moved in Glasgow. 

When I was 15 years old, I tried to be vegan, but I didn't know how to do it properly, as there weren't any books in Italian about veganism, so I was almost becoming very sick. I think I wasn't ready emotionally and conscious yet. 

Six years ago I developed a different approach with a better consciousness about animal, nature - I become more Taoist, and studying on my own some books of acupuncture took me to a different thinking of my body and health.

So I become vegan again for ethical reason when I saw a cow being beaten 6 years ago, and I became raw vegan one year ago for health reasons. Now I can do more research about veganism and learn more informations. 

I grow my organic vegetables in my allotment and I never take any chemical supplements.

I used to suffer depression and one day I found a book Norman Walker, and my life changed totally with raw vegan food: become more energetic, more happy, feel more conscious with my life, and healthy too. As an Italian, I changed all the traditional Italian recipes in raw vegan style, and I found out new tastes. 

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