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Living Raw Zone

A series of food demonstrations / talks on the subject of raw living foods



12.00 - Lianne Campbell - You are what you EAT! Plant-based sauces & dressings

1.00 - Nishma Shah - Warming chutneys & pickles made with raw ingredients

2.00 - Ellie Bedford - Raw versions of family favourites

3.00 - Manuela Atzori - Spaghetti alla carbonara (raw vegan style)

4.00 - Dr. Ros Milligan - The Benefits of Raw Chocolate

5.00 - Inga Dirziute (Pure on Raw) - More than just great-tasting food!



11.00 - Kezia Hall - How to double your energy & get that healthy GLOW!

12.00 - Rosie PurdyeRaw Vegan Christmas Party Food

1.00 - Ellie Bedford - Chocolate Elixir Craft

2.00 - Lianne Campbell - You are what you EAT! Plant-based sauces & dressings

3.00 - Lianne Campbell - You are what you EAT! Plant-based juices & smoothies

4.00 - Faith Canter - Detoxing Body and Mind through Fermented Foods & Drinks


1:00 - Nishma Shah - Warming chutneys & pickles made with raw ingredients

With cold winter months upon us, Nishma Shah of Shambhu's, is delighted to be partnering with The Vegan Society, to show you how to achieve the perfect balance of selected fruit, vegetables, chillies and spices to create some mouthwatering and warming chutneys and pickles, that can be enjoyed with a meal or as dips. The vegan chutneys will be suitable those on raw food and gluten-free diets.

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2.00 - Ellie Bedford - Raw versions of family favourites

Wondering where to begin with raw foods? Ellie, Author of 'How to Eat a Rainbow' demonstrates easy ways to add more raw into your meal times, giving a fresh and vibrant twist on old family favourites!

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3:00 - Manuela Atzori 
Spaghetti alla carbonara (raw vegan style)

The spaghetti alla carbonara is a typical meal from Rome, made with eggs and pancetta (bacon), whilst some recipes also includes cream. 

This raw vegan version is made with yellow pepper and cashew nuts cheese and cucumber spaghetti.

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4:00 - Dr. Ros Milligan - The Benefits of Raw Chocolate

This talk will cover:

- What is raw chocolate – health benefits

- Why choose raw chocolate

- How and why I set up Decadently Pure – a brief behind the scenes of my company (set up to fill a need for my daughter who is intolerant to refined sugar, and I was eating a 90% raw vegan diet).

- 2 easy quick recipes for people to make at home- marzipan truffle balls and banoffee buckwheat bowl (subject to change).

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5.00 - Inga Dirziute (Pure on Raw) - More than just great-tasting food!

Learn from the professionals how to make yourself a quick and easy raw food deliciousness that not only looks stunning but and tastes amazing! 

Qualified Raw Food Chef Inga started her raw food journey 5 years ago. 

Clean diet brought her new happy life with only distant memories of asthma, acne,tiredness and being overweight!  Inga gained raw food qualification in USA. Today she runs a successful raw food- vegan caffe in Sheffield.

To read more about Inga’s story please go to

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11.00 - Kezia Hall - How to double your energy & get that healthy GLOW!

Come learn how by adding one simple thing to your day can transform your health! Holistic health coach Kezia Hall will walk your through how to become a green smoothie goddess so you can get that glow in under 2 minutes a day . No faff or hours spent in the kitchen just simple time saver strategies to get you energised. PLUS  a chance for Q&A for any of your health needs!


12.00 - Rosie Purdye - Raw Vegan Christmas Party Food

Raw living food is the best party food as it is naturally sugar, gluten and dairy-free, plus it's full of raw-living enzymes making sure you have tonnes of energy to dance the night away. This demo will include; egg-free eggnog and a selection of delicious canapes.

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1.00 - Ellie Bedford - Chocolate Elixir Craft

Chocolate elixir crafting has never been easier! In this demonstration, Ellie shows you how to use a blend of local herbs and superfoods to create a supercharged hot chocolate drink that tastes amazing. In this demonstration, you'll learn why these drinks are a powerful way to boost your daily nutrition, find out what you need to make these drinks at home, and get to taste it at the end!

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2:00 - Lianne Campbell You are what you EAT!

Did you know, there is a little world inside you?  A diverse ecosystem of bacteria known as the microbiome.  Scientists call this the second genome and are only now beginning to scratch the surface of the impact of these tiny friends on our health.

Fruit and vegetables are key to the survival of these good bacteria as they as they provide a food source for them. Come along and learn how to make some fruit and veg based delights to help cultivate your internal ecosystem!

Twitter - @health_fuel

Instagram - @fuel_for_health

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4:00 - Faith Canter - Detoxing Body and Mind through Fermented Foods & Drinks

Best-selling author Faith Canter will be talking about her own healing journey through addressing toxicity of mind, body and home, whilst giving us a fermented food and drink demo to help detox body and mind, improve health and vitality and heal digestive issues, as well as other health ailments.

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