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Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Please scroll underneath the images below for availability of stalls - click on images to enlarge:


Please note:


  • stalls coloured in yellow are equipped with shell schemes
  • stalls coloured in green are table and space only with NO shell schemes
  • stalls coloured in light blue are catering stalls (3m x 3m each in size)


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Hall 3 @ The SECC

Catering stalls

Stall Saturday Sunday
CA1 Mono Bar Mono Bar
CA2 Stereo Bar Stereo Bar
CA3 The Flying Duck The Flying Duck
CA4 The 78 Bar The 78 Bar
CA5 Gillie Food Gillie Food
CA6 The Greedy Rabbit The Greedy Rabbit
CA7 Henderson's Henderson's
CA9 Brownins Brownins
CA10 Dominion & Pitfield Brewery Dominion & Pitfield Brewery

CA12 Raw Vegan Life Raw Vegan Life
CA13 Pure on Raw Pure on Raw


Other stalls

Stall Saturday Sunday
A1 Teen VGN Teen VGN
A2 Farplace Animal Sanctuary Farplace Animal Sanctuary
A3 Glasgow Uni Vegan Society Glasgow Uni Vegan Society
A4 Moogety Grub Hub Moogety Grub Hub
B1 Krishna Eco Farm Krishna Eco Farm
B2 Krishna Eco Farm Krishna Eco Farm
B3 Vegan Festival UK Tribe Tattoo
B4 Fat Gay Vegan Fat Gay Vegan
B5 Northern Vegan Festivals Northern Vegan Festivals
B6 Red Rosa's Specialist Cakery  
B7 Audrey Grace Wellness Audrey Grace Wellness
B8 Cool Jerk Vegan Cool Jerk Vegan
B9 Nectar of Life Nectar of Life
B10 OneKind OneKind
C1 Koko Dairy Free Koko Dairy Free
C2 BeYonder BeYonder
C3 BeYonder BeYonder
C4 Koko Dairy Free Koko Dairy Free
C5 Frys Frys
C6 Vegan Tuck Box Vegan Tuck Box
D1 Bute Island Foods Bute Island Foods
D2 Bute Island Foods Bute Island Foods
D3 Bute Island Foods Bute Island Foods
D4 Bamboo Pillows Bamboo Pillows
D5 Jason Jason
D6 Jason Jason
E2 Greenlife Underwear Greenlife Underwear
E3 Greenlife Underwear Greenlife Underwear
E4 Bella Storia Vegan Shoes Bella Storia Vegan Shoes
E6 Vegorium Vegorium
E7 KNOW Silent Scream KNOW Silent Scream
E8 Population Matters Population Matters
F1 Eden Perfumes Eden Perfumes
F2 Freet Footwear Freet Footwear
F4 League Against Cruel Sports League Against Cruel Sports
F5 Viva la vegan Viva la vegan
G1 Global Fusion Global Fusion
G2 Ethicoco Ethicoco
G3 Sgaia Foods Sgaia Foods
G5 Dr Hadwens Trust  
G6 Rabbits Require Rights Rabbits Require Rights
G7 Fallain Food Co Fallain Food Co
G8 Iuvo Skincare Iuvo Skincare
I1 All Glamour No Guts All Glamour No Guts
I2 BodyMe BodyMe
I3 The Vegan Society The Vegan Society
I4 The Vegan Society The Vegan Society
I5 Dogs Trust Dogs Trust
I6 TheVeganKind TheVeganKind
I7 Vegan Life Magazine Vegan Life Magazine
I8 Real Foods Real Foods
J1 Almighty Foods Almighty Foods
J2 Vegan Lifestyle Association Vegan Lifestyle Association
J3 Moo Free Chocolates Moo Free Chocolates
J4 G3 Direct G3 Direct
J5 Boho Hemp Boho Hemp
J6 OptiBac Probiotics OptiBac Probiotics
J7 Fentimans Fentimans
J8 Hugglets Wood Sanctuary Hugglets Wood Sanctuary
K1 Yaoh Yaoh
K2 Missy's vegan cupcakes Missy's vegan cupcakes
K3 Considerit Chocolate Considerit Chocolate
K4 JCT Omniblend JCT Omniblend
K5 Ananda Foods Ananda Foods
K6 Besos de Oro Besos de Oro
K7 Give a Dog a Bone Give a Dog a Bone
K8 Quality Vitamins and Herbs Quality Vitamins and Herbs
K9 JCT Omniblend JCT Omniblend
K10 All Natural Me All Natural Me
L1 Hope For Horses Hope For Horses
L2 Naturally Ecuador Naturally Ecuador
L3 Network for Animals Network for Animals
L5 Greenpeace UK Greenpeace UK
L6 Avocad Avocad
L7 Scotland For Animals Scotland For Animals
L9 Vervet Monkey Foundation Vervet Monkey Foundation
L10 White Rabbit Skincare White Rabbit Skincare
L11 Decadently Pure Decadently Pure
L12 Vegan Organic Network Vegan Organic Network
L13 Crazy4Cocoa Crazy4Cocoa
L14 Coco Loco Coco Loco
L15 Tyne Chease Tyne Chease
L16 Dream Dates Dream Dates
M1 Pana Chocolate Pana Chocolate
M2 The Hug and Pint The Hug and Pint
M2A Primrose's Kitchen Primrose's Kitchen
M3 Vegan Publishers Vegan Publishers

M6 Secret Sausages Secret Sausages
M7 Bohemian Chic Minerals Bohemian Chic Minerals
M7A G3 Direct G3 Direct
M8 G3 Direct G3 Direct
M10 Eastern Venture Eastern Venture
N1 Animal Aid Animal Aid
N3 Viva! Viva!
N4 Viva! Viva!
N5 Thirsty Cross Cider Thirsty Cross Cider
N6 Harpers Bizarre Candles Harpers Bizzare Candles
N7 C N M C N M
N9 YumEarth Organic Sweets YumEarth Organic Sweets
N10 Smashing Tarts Smashing Tarts
N11 Jade Green Vegan Jade Green Vegan
N12 G3 Direct G3 Direct
P1 Portsonachan Hotel Portsonachan Hotel
P4 Pulsin' Pulsin'
P6 G & G Vitamin Centre G & G Vitamin Centre
Q1 Mobile Massage Mobile Massage
Q3 World Food World Food
R1 Tempo Tea Bar Tempo Tea Bar
R2 Patrik Baboumian Patrik Baboumian
R3 Greencity Wholefoods Greencity Wholefoods
R4 Juice Warrior Sunnyside Ocean Defenders
S1 Sea Shepherd UK Sea Shepherd UK
S2 Sea Shepherd UK Sea Shepherd UK
S3 Nutcrafter Creamery Nutcrafter Creamery
S4 Alumine Alumine
U1 New Internationalist New Internationalist
U3 Vegusto Vegusto
U7 Chiaralascura Chiaralascura
U9 Vegusto Vegusto
V1 Faith Canter Faith Canter
V2 Humane Wildlife Solutions Humane Wildlife Solutions
V3 Humblestuff Humblestuff
V4 Breadshare CIC Breadshare CIC
V5 Arbonne International Arbonne International
V6 Hummingbirds Hummingbirds
V7 Agharta Jewellery Agharta Jewellery
V8 Vegetarian for Life Vegetarian for Life
V9 Friends Gazette Friends Gazette
V10 Green Olives Green Olives
V11 Green Olives Green Olives
V12 Hummingbirds Hummingbirds


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