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Faith Canter

Faith Canter

Health coach

Appearing in the Living Raw Zone (time slot TBC)


Faith Canter is an author, health coach, therapist, nutritional consultant, food intolerance specialist, raw food and fermenting expert and environmentalist.

Being mentally and physically unwell for a good part of her, she eventually found herself with ME/CFS and was housebound for quite some time.  

Today, she has not only recovered from ME/CFS, but from all her previous ailments as well and feels more alive and well than she ever thought possible. 

She recovered by using a whole life approach, addressing the toxicity of mind, body, home and environment and now supports other people doing the same.

Faith has recently published an Amazon best-selling book Living a Life Less Toxic, which talks about easy things we can all do to improve health and well-being through addressing toxicity of mind, body, home and environment. 



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