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Cookery Demos

Delicious vegan recipes brought alive by some wondrously inventive chefs!

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12.00 - Nishma Shah - Savoury, wholesome and herby pancakes

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2.00 - Jane Easton (Viva!) - The Budget Gourmet

3.00 - Lilian Nassuna Muirhead - Vegan Entertaining

4.00 - Mark Turner - Seaweed recipes


12.00 - Jane Easton - Recipes from the Viva! Cookbook and the Vegan Recipe Club

1.00 - Kirly Sue – A Culinary Caribbean Christmas

2.00 - Marlene Watson-Tara - Eating as if Life Matters

3.00 - Jane Hughes - Vegetarian for Life – Cooking for One





12.00 - Nishma Shah - Savoury, wholesome and herby pancakes

For her second cookery demo at Vegfest Scotland, also brought to you in partnership with The Vegan Society, Nishma Shah of Shambhu's will show you how to make some delicious and nutritious savoury pancakes, using basic whole food ingredients like chick peas, semolina and millet flour, and adding a variety of vegetables, greens and herbs.

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2.00 - Jane Easton (Viva!) - The Budget Gourmet

Jane Easton, food and cookery coordinator of Viva!, also author of the Viva! Cookbook, demonstrates the following mouthwatering vegan recipes:

Spinach & Pea Spaghetti with Artichoke Hearts

Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse – the miracle in a Value tin

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3:00 - Lilian Nassuna Muirhead - Vegan Entertaining

This would incorporate teaching about simple but delicious ways of entertaining on a vegan diet. The aim is to get even the non Vegans to find out that vegan food is more interesting than they have always thought! I would go for Vegan Tapas, so that way I have different dishes from different continents.

During the Demo, I would also point out the health benefits of different food. Am aiming to show folk how to flavour and keep vegan food exciting, by using loads of herbs and spices. I would like to do both sweet and savoury tapas dishes all going out at the same time. Some of my dishes are original and inspired by cooking for my vegan friends from around the world. Lastly for desserts  I would like to use dried fruits like apricots, cherries to make some interesting puddings.

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4:00 - Mark Turner - Seaweed recipes

Mark Turner, proprietor of SeaVeg UK, will present three or four dishes at the cookery demo as follows :-

SeaVeg Crispies - roasted seaveg crisps, dry roasted so low fat, and using the low iodine "Furbellows" species.

SeaVeg Burgers, vegan wheat and gluten free burgers with a vegetable and SeaVeg base.

Sea Spaghetti, cooked from dried, with citrus.

Ocean Seasons seasonings used as garnish on fresh salad.

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12:00 - Jane Easton - Recipes from the Viva! Cookbook and the Vegan Recipe Club

Coconut Parsnip with Red Beans & Ginger – the humble parsnip gets a tasty makeover

Cheat’s Quick Quinoa Pilaf and Garlic Greens – superfoods go sexy 

Chocolate Truffle Brandy Hearts with whipped dairy-free cream – because we’re worth it… 

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1:00 - Kirly Sue – A Culinary Caribbean Christmas

Vegan Cook, TV Presenter & Vegan Cook Book Author Kirly-Sue, will be taking you on a vegan culinary Christmas trip to Jamaica.

Watch some delicious Caribbean food being made and get some recipes that you can try at home.

These recipes are easy to follow and tasty too. This interactive session will have lots of useful hints, tips,  information, competitions with prizes and  giveaways. So come along and join in the vegan food fun.

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2:00 - Marlene Watson-Tara - Eating as if Life Matters

The food we are eating is making us sick!  In the last 50 years our diet has changed more than in the whole of human evolution. 

Millions are frustrated by confusing nutritional information and disgusted at the needless animal slaughter.  Learn from International Teacher and Vegan Chef Marlene Watson-Tara how to live and thrive on a vegan WHOLEFOOD PLANT BASED DIET.

Marlene has a list of clients ranging from celebrities from the movies and the arts to members of royal families.  She also teaches and trains chefs around the world the art of macrobiotic and vegan, wholefood plant based cooking and nutrition.

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3.00 - Jane Hughes - Vegetarian for Life – Cooking for One

The latest publication from Vegetarian for Life is aimed at elderly vegetarians and vegans who are cooking for themselves. It includes nutritional advice and tips on meal delivery services that cater for veggies. VfL’s roving chef, Jane Hughes, demonstrates some dishes from the booklet which is available free of charge.

Twitter @vegfoodwriter

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