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Anneka Svenska


TV Presenter

Appearing on Sunday


Anneka Svenska is a UK Wildlife & Vegan TV Presenter who is also known as ‘The Little Green Angel’. Anneka’s production team ‘Green World TV’ can be seen filming VegFestUK every festival speaking to the public and finding out what is ticking in the world of Veganism.


When Anneka is not filming VegFest UK, she is filming wildlife crime, animal protests and wildlife conservation. Her Green World TV motto ‘We have the power inside to change the world’. Providing a voice for the voiceless and TV shows for charities and causes which otherwise would struggle to get media attention.



This year Anneka has filmed alongside Chris Packham, Bill Oddie, Nigel Marven, Virginia McKenna, Noel Fitzpatrick and Steve Backshall, as well as vegan shorts with Viva!, Jill Robinson, Veganuary, Born Free’s Will Travers and Animal Aid.


Anneka is the Founder of the non-profit animal and environmental organisation ‘Angels for the Innocent Foundation’. ( Anneka also co-founded dog rescue charity K-9 Angels in 2011.


Anneka is one of the main writers for Barefoot Vegan Magazine, Vegfest Express, Veganuary as well as being an online blogger for The Eden Channel and a contributing writer to K9 Magazine and Dogs Today.



Anneka is known for her healthy Vegan lifestyle which encompasses gentle and safe exercise such as Pilates & Yoga alongside a healthy Vegan Juicing / Smoothie Diet with raw foods. Anneka heads up the juicing section on the Recipe Club for charity Viva! ( and is also the official Vlogger for Veganuary. ( as well as blogging via her own Green Eco website: ‘Anneka’s Green World’ ( covering animal rescue, wildlife charity’s campaigns.


Visit Anneka's non-profit organisation for animals - the Angels for the Innocent Foundation website here

Anneka’s Green World website  

Anneka’s Green World TV

Follow Anneka on FacebookTwitter and Instagram too!

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