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William Robertson

William Robertson


Appearing on Saturday in the Campaigns/Lifestyle talks room, and on Sunday in the Nutrition/Health talks room


My name is William Robertson, 29 years old. I was born and raised in Glasgow but was not always vegan. A compassionate food choice, new lifestyle and change of direction are all things I took on later in life. 


Growing up in Glasgow I was raised like most kids, with the option of Celtic or Rangers. Catholic or Protestant with the choice really coming from what your dad or mum was. These choices led me to attach to groups and take on new roles as I aged in life. It was rough where I was brought up, so to survive you had to be rough. I was sent to prison at an early age after being involved in fights at Glasgow town centre, that's where I'm from originally (Anderson, next to the SECC).  I followed a crowd, became the crowd and then went down the same road as the crowd to prison but took it further going into solitary after being involved in fights and prison riots, then to be released and lose my health to alcohol, partying and drugs to be sectioned abroad while on holiday in Greece. Coming back to Britain with a no hope illness called schizoaffective disorder a combination of both schizophrenia and bipolar & there just wasn't any role models who changed that around. So I decided to be one myself and use my life as a way of giving back and to be a positive story for others who will be on the path I once was. 



From gang culture, addiction, prison, solitary, mental illness and being left with no hope I've turned things around losing 9 stone in the process, got my health back, turned from meat eater to vegan, completing college courses in care and counselling, along with appearing on TVs, magazines, newspapers and opening up my journey along the way. To run 100 miles and become an ultra running athlete, taking the marathon time from 4:53 to 2:55 with a plant based ultra approach to life and the goals I set. The most important thing was to be a positive role model in my daughters life, Ava-jane is 2 just now and my life was to set a good example to Ava-Jane as I also went through access courts, taking life in as a father with no access to then transform things in a better way for all of us involved and have a great relationship with my kids mum now. I grew up myself without examples and role models, so I set about my life to be one. I also aim to be a good example of a vegan lifestyle and plant based nutrition too, we can go around trying to change the whole world and get lost in the process but true growth comes from personal development and that's what I hope to share with you guys. 



The best way to be your best self is to take care of your health, the health of those around you and I firmly believe in the plant based food choice with vegan principles being not just good physically and mentally but emotionally too. With all the places I've been and the past that I've had there wasn't vegans in prisons or the hospitals I was in, so with my own observation and analysis I know statistics must also be good to health and lifestyle being more suited towards vegan and plant based living also and we live in a country with great opportunity, choice and the freedom to change. So by offering my time, example and lifestyle hopefully I can open up new doors not just for people, but for animals too. To have the best of health and give to the life around us in the best way that we possibly can. 


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