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Ben Frost

Ben Frost

Vegan advocate

Appearing on Sunday in the Activists Summit


Ben is a vegan gardener and musician from South Staffordshire. He is an advocate of the abolitionist approach to animal rights, and is a moderator on Gary L. Francione’s Facebook page: The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights

He is currently producing written materials on a volunteer basis for the International Vegan Association - a collection of grassroots advocates dedicated to abolitionist education. These materials will be used as learning aids or prompts in their animal rights reading groups, of which people can join at various times of the year, anywhere in the world.

He believes it's vitally important to have a solid understanding of the history of animals in western thought, in order to tackle the speciesism that pervades our society in the most effective way. Whether your interlocutor subscribes to Bentham and Singers view that animals do not have an interest in continuing to live, or Kant’s view that animals are here as a means to the ends of man; knowing the theories of those who seek to keep animals oppressed, and knowing why they are wrong, is invaluable when educating members of the public about veganism.

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